De schuurvondst van een Porsche 924 Carrera GT

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  1. Avatar Thorsten Stroh schreef:

    very nice Carrera GT!
    I’m going to build s clone of the GT which wkll be a 924s as a base vehicle.
    I need some Informationen what Porsche has modified on the rear wheel arches just beloe the extended fenders.
    Could you send me some pics of this sectionnof your gdnuine GT to give me some idea how to modify my 924s to make it for for the extended GT wheel arches?
    Thanjs a lot for your support.

    1. Avatar Sylvia Lodder schreef:

      Hello Thorsten, thank you very much for the compliment. At the moment the CGT is already stored for the winter and unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the requested section on my computer. On Facebook there are several 924 (S/turbo/CGT) groups with owners who can maybe provide the pictures sooner than me. In the Netherlands (Eindhoven) there is also a Porsche specialist who in the past has built several CGT clones. Maybe he can provide you with the information and even some needed parts as he still has a large storage. I can’t post a telephonenumer here, but online, try to find Garage Wams, Scherpakkerweg 1, 5616 HP Eindhoven and call Marc Wams.

      Have fun (re)building you car.
      Kind regards, Sylvia

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