This quest started in 2006 and about three weeks ago it finally paid off. My very good Porsche friend, with whom I spend countless hours pursuing our Porsche passion, had a secret wish to find a 1964 911. To make it tougher, not just any 1964 but a true 901. One of the eighty-two produced, since to him 901 has that “ur” touch to it . Then, on a sunny California day, there are so many here, he is contacted by a local dealer/car finder regarding an early Porsche that this guy has located in Missouri and might buy. Long story short .. a ‘64, possibly a 901!

My friend comes over that same night and he and I go over the pictures, check our sources (a big thank you to Bob Fleming!), and decide to form a partnership to buy the car and then we wait…. and wait. Then finally it sits safe and secure in my garage on Tuesday November 18, 2013. Almost exactly forty-nine years since the day it was completed, November 2, 1964. 

We are, essentially, the fourth owners. This early Porsche, like many others, was brought to the U.S. by a serviceman returning from Germany. The car is largely complete, authentic and with matching numbers engine, 900171 per Build Book and Kardex. 300061 needs a total restoration and our plans are to begin on this soon.

Please enjoy these photos. Note: the “thin photo,” above the engine case photo, is extracted from the handwritten Factory Build Book which is the ONLY record which tells us if we have a 901 or 911. Thanks again to Bob Fleming and the 232 Registry for much valuable information. 

There were twenty known 901s out of total of eighty-two produced. Now there are twenty-one! We’ll keep you posted with more photos and updates.


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