First owner: German rally champion Matthias Kahle. In 2005 he lent the car to the organization of Race of Champions in Paris. Sebastien Boudais, Jeff Gordon, David Coulthard, Tom Kristensen and Colin McRae fought for the title ‘best allround driver 2005’ in this car. Car no. 3 was then still in Future World livery (yellow/white). Colin McRae died several months later in a helicopter crash.


This is what car #003 looked like when it was picked up by Dobberkau. In the gallery below you can see the car in white as it looks today. As if nothing happened in between….

In 2010 the GT3 RS was bought by German rally champion Olaf Dobberkau. In 2011 a documentary was shot on this specific car. The title is: ‘Mit 400 PS quer durch Deutschland‘ (translation: with 400 hp drifting through Germany). It is still broadcasted by Motorsport Channel in Europe every week. Also there are many Youtube movies on this car. Both Kahle and Dobberkau won several titles with it. In 2012 it was bought by Sönke Milon, a privateer from Germany in the Hamburg region. It was operational until 2014. In 2015 completely restored to original specs when it was owned by Porsche-collector Erik Kouwenhoven. This car can be distinguished from car number 007 (also ex-Dobberkau) by the air scoop on the roof and the more red color vs the more orange color of the other one. In the pictures below you can see the car in white as it is today. The car still has the special exhaust that makes a terrifying but beautiful racing noise.

VIN number: WPOZZZ99Z5S98093

Engine number: M96/7963524406

Accidents: No major damages

Current owner: Spentek Company (Belgium)