In early 90th I was looking for a Porsche 911 in order to do historic racing.  As we spend our ski holiday in Switzerland in the hills near Sion, I was aware that there was a free Porsche dealer in Sion. So, I visited and asked him whether he might have a 1965 Porsche 911 available for historic racing. And in fact he had one. The car body was sitting outside on blocks in the grass, the parts inside his garage in boxes. This car was a complete restoration project and at that period I had neither space nor money for a project like this. So, I went away and years passed.

Then in the year 1999 I was able to rent a garage where I now had space to follow my hobby. I remembered this 911 and went back to this garage. The situation has not been changed, the car body was still outside. Luckily the motor was stored in the dealers office inside and was in great condition. The VIN was 300143 (which could not impress me at all) and the car was from 1964. A perfect car for historic racing. The price? SFR 4.000,00 which was actually in my budget. At that period I had no idea that I now own such a rarely car. At that time nobody was really interested in these early 911 and it was nothing special. I came back with a truck and a trailer and my story with this car started. At the customs everything went smooth but the guy asked: Do you really want to bring back this old junker to the street again? In my opinion the car body looked not that bad. But after sandblasting there really was a lot to do for the coachbuilder. It finally took me 2 ½ years to build up the car and the motor was tuned up to 186PS. After having received the FIA pass, we took part at a few historical races for example at the Nürburgring, A1 Ring in Austria and Most in Czech Republic. Since having finished the restoration in the year 2002,  the car is also registered on the street. Nowadays we take part at historic rally. The car is still in perfect condition and I may bring it back to it´s original street version in the next years. It is also great that I have the full history of the car, even the original title from the last Swiss owner and I am in contact with the daughter of the first owner as well with the son of the second owner.

Last year I was watching a TV documentation “50 Years Porsche 911”. There I heard the first time that these very early 911 are something so special. I started to get as much as possible information about my car. Now I know that everything is matching, the motor, the doors and so forth.

At the Techno Classica in Essen this year, my wife and I have met some other owners of 1964 Porsche and we found out that there is this interesting webpage which has been made by Arthur and Eric. So we decided to provide also some fotos and information about this crazy “barn find by chance”.

Thanks to Arthur and Eric for their engagement and enthusiasm!

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