“I purchased this car 30 years ago on a whim after a friend showed me his completed 1969 turbo conversion which included the engine, widened wheel wells, authentic whale tail…I wanted one! He knew of a Porsche that was being sold which I looked at and bought. I drove it home and started fiddling with it. It came with Solex carbs but the throttle shafts were leaking so bad it was impossible to tune them, and on the advice of a reputable Porsche mechanic I switched to Webers. I drove the car for awhile until my priorities in life changed. The car was not a daily driver, and so it sat for long periods of time, where the gas in the carbs finally gummed up and plugged the passages. Some where along the way there was a period where I started to work on it to restore it, stripping the car and doing what I could with my limited experience, and funds. This came to halt for the next twenty some odd years….fasst forward to March 5, 2013. My interest to start work on the Porsche is rekindled as I realize that I’ll be retiring soon, and this could be my retirement project, and that’s when I decided to post the 911’s serial number to see what I had. I knew it was one of the first 911’s due to the model year, but I Did Not Know it was one of the 232 of 1964!”

Lawrence’s car is not matching, he has 1965 engine Nr. 903360 with it.

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