300005 USA resident Jay Sottile recently discovered car number 300005… in his own garage. He has owned the car for some 30 years and when he bought it, turbo steel flares and IROC front and rear bumpers with a glass ducktail were installed. Also the engine and trans was replaced with a 1974 2.7l CIS. It came with a full roll cage and some unique suspension upgrades. He just loves Porsches and driving 911’s, but never thought much about the detailed history. Also, with all the different upgrades and modifications he figured his car would always be an outlaw and that was good enough….until now. After 15 years in storage, Jay got the bug to go through everything, front to back and spend some time in the shop. A lot older and little wiser then when he first purchased, he began to notice unique features he believed were only on the 1964 and race pedigree 1964 cars. Wipers park on right side, no indents on engine bay for stickers and 64 door handles. Also, the front Koni struts were double adjustable and steering arms appear to be shortened. The build number near the smugglers box and the driver’s door match and are 300005. According to Porsche’s production sheet, 300005 was the 6th car produced on 21 September 1964.

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